Tokay gecko


Tokay gecko (gekko gecko) is one of the largest nocturnal (active during the night) species of gecko. It can be found inhabiting northeast India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries of southeast Asia. This bluish gray lizard has orange spots on its body and can grow up to 40+ centimeters. Both males and females make a distinctive call “tokay, tokay” during the night, either to attract mates or to protect their territory.
They are known for their aggression and mean bites. Additional coloring depends on the origins of this animal (e.g. Vietnamese tokays have a green tint to their skin). They lack eyelids, instead they have a translucent scale covering their eyes which they clean and wet with their tongues.


Temperatures around 25°C and 60 to 80% humidity are recommended. Due to their territory disputes it is advised to keep individuals alone or in pairs. Once a pair has been established, do not split them, as any separation and future reintroduction may lead to serious injuries or even death. In the wild they often inhabit branches of trees, rocks, bushes, sides and roofs of buildings, even people’s attics.
They eat insects (mealworms, crickets and roaches of according size – about the space between the gecko’s eyes), small lizards, baby rodents and even small birds. It’s not a good idea to feed captive tokay geckos birds or rodents larger than pinky mice (and even these pinkies should only be offered once a month at best). Live food should be dusted in calcium and vitamins. They readily drink water from daily misting (misting also helps with keeping the humidity).
Because of their lifestyle, they don’t need any ground hides. Instead, it’s advisable to use branches, fake or live plants, bamboo sticks, cork tree trunks, huts, coconut shells or ledges attached to sides of their tank. These geckos do not require UVB.

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