Monarch gecko


Monarch gecko (gekko monarchus) is one of the less known species of geckos. They inhabit the Malaysian peninsula, where they often hide in the walls and crevices of rocks, caverns, people’s houses and tree tops. It is a medium sized gecko that can grow from 15 to 23 centimeters in length.
Typical for this species is a dark mark in the shape of the letter W found where the skull meets the neck. Skin color ranges from light gray to dark brown. They lack eyelids, instead they have a translucent scale covering their eyes which they clean and wet with their tongues.


Monarch geckos prefer daily temperatures between 26 and 23°C and colder nights no lower than 22°C. Coming from areas with frequent rain, they require a high humidity, but their tanks should be well ventilated as well (to prefer fungal growth and respiratory issues). They usually live in pairs or small family groups, males are territorial. To communicate they make barking sounds not unlike the tokay gecko.
They eat insects (mealworms, crickets and roaches of according size – about the space between the gecko’s eyes), but some individuals won’t turn down overripe fruit or fruit mixes. Live food should be dusted in calcium and vitamins. They readily drink water from daily misting (misting also helps with keeping the humidity).
Because of their lifestyle, they don’t need any ground hides. Instead, it’s advisable to use branches, fake or live plants, bamboo sticks, cork tree trunks, huts, coconut shells or ledges attached to sides of their tank. These geckos do not require UVB.

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