Crested gecko


Crested gecko (correlophus ciliatus) is a nocturnal (active at night) species of gecko hailing from New Caledonia. The name comes from “lashes” and “crests” on their heads and backs. They lack eyelids, instead they have a translucent scale covering their eyes which they clean and wet with their tongues.
The tips of their tails are prehensile and allow them to catch themselves on branches in case of falls. Most adults in the wild lack their tails and have a tiny nub instead. These geckos are nicknamed “frog butts”.


Adults reach up to 25 centimeters, though a half of this length is the tail. Temperatures between 22 and 28°C and high humidity are preferred. They spend most of their lives in the lower branches of trees, females come down to ground level before laying eggs. Stress and light levels make them change colors from dull and faded (fired down) to bright, full colors (fired up).
They eat insects (mealworms, crickets and roaches of according size – about the space between the gecko’s eyes) and instant gecko diets (Repashy, Pangea, Arcadia). Finely mixed fruit may be offered as a treat in small amounts (once or twice a month). Live food should be dusted in calcium and vitamins. Crested geckos drink water from daily misting (misting also helps with keeping the humidity).
Because of their lifestyle, they don’t need any ground hides. Instead, it’s advisable to use branches, fake or live plants, bamboo sticks, cork tree trunks, huts, coconut shells or ledges attached to sides of their tank. These geckos do not require UVB.

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