Frequently asked questions

My gecko isn't eating and keeps hiding. Is this normal?

If you just brought your new pet home, it isn't used to you yet. Most geckos need two weeks to get used to their new surroundings before they're confident enough to venture out. It is very likely your new lizard won't feel in the mood for food either. It should, however, have access to water during this period.
Some species are more shy than others and prefer exploring their tanks without supervision.

My gecko looks weird, it's pale and not very active at all.

Reptiles shed their skin all at once - and so do geckos. If your gecko suddenly changes color to a very faded, greyish tint, it is most probably preparing for a shed. It may not eat or be more secretive around this time, but once all the old skin is gone, it will be back to normal.
Always make sure your gecko has a humid hide or have a sauna container ready. High humidity helps them peel the skin off easier. Check the gecko's toes and tail tip for leftover skin and if needed, help him or her out with a wet qtip.

My gecko digs in the dirt and sometimes buries itself. Why?

Female geckos can lay infertile eggs - even if they've never been with a male before! They want the best spot possible for their clutch, so they pick a place and start digging a hole. This whole process is very tiring for them and so they may choose to lay down and hide themselves in the dirt, simply because it makes them feel safer.
Even male geckos dig sometimes. If your lizard digs a lot constantly, it's probably trying to escape its tank. In that case it may be a good idea to check the humidity and temperatures in the terrarium.

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